Downtown Akron is on the cusp of an urban transformation, and the Akron Civic Theatre - one of the city’s key cultural assets - is positioned to be a major contributor. The Civic has arrived at the right place at the right time for a project that will increase substantially its patron services and its cultural contributions while helping to make Akron a more attractive place to work, live and play.

  • The Civic’s once-in-a-generation project honors the theater’s history while it looks toward the future to serve our 21st-century patrons:
  • Complete restoration of the theater that began in 2002, specifically the Grand Lobby and Arcade
  • Replace the box office lost when the Stage Left/Rite Aid building was demolished in 2016 and shore up the wall on the south side of the Arcade that was weakened by removal of the building
  • Restore the Whitelaw building on the Civic’s north side to create an additional performance space with an audience capacity of 200
    Integrate digital, audio and visual technologies with public artwork to enhance the patron experience and to redefine the neighborhood
  • Create a maintenance and cash reserve to protect the investment made in the project


The new performance space in the restored Whitelaw building will have an audience capacity of 200 and be programmed with a minimum of 100 events annually. Together with three outdoor decks overlooking the Locks, the Civic project will add cultural flavor to the neighborhood.